Benefits of Press Release Syndication

Top 9 Benefits of Press Release Distribution

A few years ago, publishing a regular Press Release  with the primary keyword in the headline was a technique used by fortune 500 companies to keep themselves appearing on page 1 of Google search results. 

This was back in the time when Google would regularly include a Google News item on the first page of search results. Google would do this on a high percentage of the searches conducted. News of course doesn’t stay news for long, so big companies would publish news releases every week or once per month just to keep themselves in the headlines, and on the first page of Google.

Today, Google includes a news item on page one of results less than 5% of the time. One may think therefore, that the return on investment for PR distribution has become less attractive?  Not so it turns out.

Press releases continue to provide some of the best bang for buck ROI a brand can get from their digital marketing spend, particularly in today’s social media marketing world – a place where clumsy marketers from agencies with serious digital skills gaps are burning big brand’s ad spend in shotgun strategies with a seemingly click frenzy level of enthusiasm.

Lets first run through eight benefits of press release distribution, then I am going to share with you the 9th, and in my opinion the most powerful white hat SEO benefit that will surely seal the deal, and have you wanting to publish a press release yesterday.

1# Massive Viewership and Customer Base

There’s a massive pool of possible clients out there, so make the best of it and make sure to only publish a press release that’s worth reading. Whatever you do, do not turn your press release right into full blown advertising spin. The true audience of a PR is the media and journos. So let them be inspired to write the news, if you try and do that for them, they wont want to pick up and run with your story because someone has already told it.

2# Increased presence and trust building

The more they see and check you out, the more they recognise you.  You see, it’s in the word “recognise” where the magic occurs. Seemingly out of the blue, for both consumers and potential journalists, that recognition becomes empathy for you and your brand. When people understand your brand message and goals, it is more probable you’ll be covered in the media,  so as discussed previously, you really must strive to publish something that is actually newsworthy. If it’s not news worthy it’s going to make you and your brand suck.

3# Enhanced SEO back linking tactics

It’s long been understood that big business have used expensive press launches to optimise their off-page SEO back linking efforts. Any SEO marketing expert will tell you the importance of keyword research as well as anchor text back links to your website when developing an SEO strategy. The web links typically discovered on press launches are not there for aesthetics, nor even necessarily for viewers to click so that they can be rerouted to your website. The real value is the fact that when the press release is syndicated, your website is getting linked to by hundreds of big brand, high authority news services who Google trusts implicitly.

4# Become the Expert

Why it’s called “News”, not “Olds”. Do not forget, if you’re sending press launches for individuals to review concerning you, you have to be something worth reviewing. You have to be an expert at something as well as being enlightened and willing to share the info that you’ve become so well regarded. Doing so will raise your viewer’s trust, relationship and also ultimately, if people like and concur with what you discuss, they’re more likely to purchase the service or product that you have on offer. In some cases, individuals look for their news with RSS newsreaders as there are lots of internet sites that allow them to sign up for these information feeds based on their interests. As such, making use of press release syndicated distribution expands your reach to these target markets, gaining the mindshare of one more fan to your consumer base.

5# Permanent Indexation

Just what are you waiting for? Submit your press release sooner rather than later. It’s time to get some serious boost to your rankings! Your Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERP) rankings will be improved due to the fact that these news releases will be indexed by top authority news sites and online search engines, suggesting your material will certainly be kept inside Google’s (or other search engine’s) database for simple ease of access. This makes it extremely easy for consumers, reporters, as well as other interested parties to discover your content.

6# Cost-efficient

In short, press release syndication is a reliable means to be found, increase web traffic as well as sales, while not overly investing like you would for an ad campaign in traditional media. In regards to SEO, press release syndication can be considered among the most economical choices when contrasted with other online paid advertising. It’s outcomes are also a lot more measurable and also observable compared to advertising on social media platforms . Generally, making use of press release distribution to enhance traffic together with  additional  SEO benefits, is actually a fantastic return on investment.

7# Extend reach of news release via RSS feeds

Spread your brand virally. The accomplishments and advancements of your firm are all highlighted in media releases. With the mass submission of your press release, your company’s information will spread out like wildfire. Your consumers as well as investors will certainly get the best and most upgraded news concerning your brand, while at the same time allow people to recognise how successful you are via your achievements.  Any press release that sparks interest will be shared, multiple times through different social platforms. The outcome… a chain reaction effect where your news spread across networks that will drive a lot more users to review as well as share your news tips, providing even more leads and even more sales.

8# Manage and Repair your Online Reputation

Not every person obtains great client testimonials or reviews of their business. In some cases, just one dissatisfied customer can have an adverse effect on your business’ reputation or the SERPs for your internet website can be completely tainted. Syndicated press release distribution could assist you in managing your reputation, particularly if you’ve been getting negatively flamed for something you might not have even done. Maximising distribution of your news release as well as syndicating them for SEO purposes can certainly help you gain back the positive reputation you rightly deserve and suppress any unfavourable reviews to the rear of Google’s search results.

Want any more reasons for publishing and distributing a press release?

Scanning the above list of benefits for publishing a syndicated press release, any self respecting marketing executive would feel pretty happy justifying any allocation of the marketing budget toward a regular PR syndication. And rightly so, the online reputation management benefits alone are significant and go a long way in addressing and suppressing negative articles or pages. But prepare to be amazed as you learn the final and most compelling reason you want to publish a press release today…

9# Boost the Juice on your Google My Business Local Pack Rankings

Get ready for this….. The single most important factor in getting high rankings on Google’s local pack is by having a higher number of “citations” that have more authority than your competitors.

A citation is gained when your business name, address and phone number are published on another website or online property. Google is looking for confidence that your business really exists, and frankly they would prefer not to just take your word for it. Google is counting the instances where your business name, address and phone number appear elsewhere. Google is looking in particular places for confirmation of this data, and also notices when citations appear in other places they trust.

When your press release is published to Evolver’s syndicated distribution network, it contains a correctly tagged citation for your business that is published to more than 400 trusted news media outlets and Google notices this! 

Now depending on the level of local competition in your niche, Google can (with having such confidence in the huge pool of trusted citations), catapult your local Google My Business (GMB) listing to the top of the local pack rankings and will do so, even at times when the business does not have a claimed or verified GMB listing. Again, depending on level of competition, these type of results can be observed within 72 hours, resulting in a surge of phone calls to your business.

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