Press Release Syndication

Consider harnessing the power of a syndicated press release to increase your reputation, trust and most importantly, your Local Pack rankings.

extended syndication

Christopher Powell of Canberra based Digital Agency, Evolver. Now offering extended Press Release syndication to Reuters and Yahoo Finance

A press release, written and syndicated by Evolver can help your business or organisation get reach and publicity on the web across search engines, blogs and websites in just a few simple steps.

Your news will be syndicated to big brand, mass media news networks including NBC, CBS, ABC, FoxNews, Associated Press and Lexis Nexis.

Extended syndication provides a super boost via additional publishing of your press release to the entire Reuters and YahooFinance networks. Reuters has a Domain Authority (DA) score of 97, while YahooFinance has a DA score of 100.

By putting a good Press Release out there and having it distributed to the mass media sites on the web, you get to set the stage.

You lead the conversation and you get to have it with more people. You set the narrative... What do you want people to think about when they hear your name? This is how you make it happen.

Use Press Release Syndication to get people talking about you the way you want and watch your bottom line tick up, up and up! Evolver's syndicated press release distribution has even greater PR distribution than the current market leaders PRweb!

Extended syndication on Yahoo Finance and other high end financial sites, results in higher traffic, wider visibility and even stronger exposure. This culminates in a significantly increased authority boost for your business. A customer priming strategy that's perfect for start-ups, new product releases and companies looking to sell or get funding. This type of exposure and distribution adds significantly to your perceived value and lets you enhance the narrative and control the story told to potential investors.

Distribution Syndicated Networks

Our Press Release writing team will come up with newsworthy and compelling hooks, angles and information that will get your announcement noticed.

So, in addition to getting your information picked up by news outlets, you can also align it to the industries and regions that matter most to your business.

In the last few weeks, since launching our service, a number of clients have enjoyed a very positive and noticeable impact on their business. This difference was delivered and felt by the business in just 72 hours.

This dead set works a treat and works fast. Many businesses used to run a press release every month because Google would, more often than not include a Google News item on the first page of search results.

The Powerup your site gets is due to having its name and contact details published on 300+ or in the case of our extended syndication, thousands of Authority News Websites which Google has strong levels of established trust. When Google gets confirmation of your details from so many trusted sources, they cannot help but to catapult your Business Listing to the top of the local pack search results. BOOM!

With all that extra local business comes more website traffic too. Let's hope you have your site monetised or you have an e-commerce solution.

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