Google Draws Curtain on Autocomplete Search Suggestions

So here tolls a death nell for SEOers who cannot either:

  1. Make use of user/buyer personas when conducting keyword research; or
  2. Get their head around latent semantic indexing' or understand
  3. How LSI  relates to user experience (UX) and user intent.

Don't panic if this tool was for some reason a integral component in your seo, keyword or Adwords analysis. The Google Instant is still present in a round-about sort of way. Suggested search terms  used to be pretty much a duplicate set of what still appears at the bottom of Google's Search Engine Results Page (SERP) in the form of a list of Searches related to...

Google Insta Search lives on via Searches related to...

Google Autocomplete Search lives on via Searches related to...


While Google recently announced it’s doing away with Google Instant, which was created in 2010. Only 7 years after its inception, the search feature is proving obsolete.

But what exactly does this mean for Google users? And for the realm of search engines in general?

This is probably another hint the Google is selling Google Search! Hey, they recently removed a whole lot of low volume search data from Google Analytics and it makes a case that they are selling this data to someone who will then sell to all. Big Call? Yes, so remember you heard it here second! Okay?

What Is Google Instant?

Google Instant was created under the leadership of Marissa Mayer, then vice president of search and user experience for the company, in 2010 as an easier way for users to access search results.

Google Instant automatically loaded search results and then changed them as you typed. Mayer called it “a fundamental shift in search.” Google used its auto complete feature to show predicted results in a drop-down box.

Benefits of Google Instant included faster searches, smarter predictions and instant results. It was predicted that search results would upload 3-5 seconds faster and prevent users from typing in entire queries.

So why is Google doing away with such an amazing feature?

Google Instant Is Out of Date

A feature created less than a decade ago has already proven unnecessary. Why? Because of the increase in the use of mobile devices — for virtually everything.

With more than 50% of the population using search engines on their phones vs any other device, the way in which we search has transformed.

Having a keyboard at our finger tips is super convenient, but with Google Instant it means search results overlap our workspace. Resulting in a less than user friendly experience.

The change will also prevent results from loading in real time, allowing users to view their original mobile screen in its entirety.

Google has been taking mobile very seriously in the last few years, with updates like mobilgeddon the 2015 update that penalised sites that failed mobile friendly test, the mobile popup update released in January 2017 which penalises sites with pop-ups that load when you first land on site. the index divide from 2016 that split the Google index into mobile and desktop with mobile being the primary index and so on...

With the move away from Google Instant, the company can now focus on making searches more fluid and timely on all devices.


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