30 Days for Local SEO Service to Deliver Shock n' Awe Domination

BOOM - Evolver's Local SEO Service CRUSHES it for a Canberra business again!

Our new client is a well established family business in the CBD of Canberra, the National Capital of Australia.

Since 2001, this well renowned  family business has always enjoyed a strong presence in Google's organic search results, however strong rankings in the Google Local Pack have alluded Cataldos Salon since Google introduced the Google My Business (GMB) or "Google Money Box" back in 2015.

A new website in late 2017, designed by one of the big agencies in town didn't do them any favors either. Yet again, more examples of digital incompetence from an expensive creative agency, who really should just change their name to  "BASTARDS INCORPORATED" and be done with it.

Cataldos Salon Rankings November 2017

Relocating 400m to new ultra modern, fully equipped premises complete with an opulent atmosphere to rival any metropolitan city in the world, also added salt to the wound... Well from Google's POV anyway.

You see, Local Pack rankings rely heavily on having lots of citations for your business. These citations ie your Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) need to be consistent and they all need to match what Google has on record.

Cataldos has been in business for over 50 years, and they have hundreds and hundreds of citations out there, none of which matched what Google now had on record.

Enter Evolver.

In late November 2017, Evolver met with Emilio, Aldo and Angelo - the Brothers Cataldo. We met once again in early December and having established that we were a good fit to work togther, Evolver commenced Local SEO operations.

The following extract is from report delivered to Cataldos on 21 December 2017. Merry Christmas Lads!

Local SEO Case Study

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