Reduce Your Business’ Taxable Income With This End Of Financial Year #TAXHACK


Kerry Packer once famously declared that any Australian who doesn’t try and minimise their taxable income needs their head read. Well it turns out that Scott Morrison doesn’t want to run the risk that any of us had forgotten Kerry’s lesson and wants to make sure that we have the extra incentive to do exactly that.

The popular $20,000 instant asset write-off for small business entities, which enables small businesses to immediately write-off depreciable assets costing less than $20,000, is now accessible to 90,000 more businesses. Up until about six weeks ago, only businesses turning over LESS than 2 million qualified. However a deal done between the Government and Senator Nick Xenophon to pass the enterprise tax Bill, has seen the 20K instant asset write-off extended in more ways than one. Not only has the concession been extended to another 90,000 businesses, but it is running for an extra 12 months!

The 20K tax off-set was due to expire and return to the one thousand dollar limit on 30 June 2017.  Instead, profitable business owners can now enjoy this for another year. It is important to note that the offset probable wont work for you if you run your business at a loss. Check with your accountant regarding your circumstances, but don’t waste time, get them on the blower today and find out your circumstances.  Anything you want to get the 100% tax write-off needs to be purchased before 30 June this year if you want to do the write-off this year. For more information on this there is a pretty good outline of the technicalities on the Hayes Knight Accountancy website

Now onto your promised #TaxHack, which is only going to work for you if you made a profit this year.

So, if your business made profits this year, you will be taxed on them.

In fact, Scott Morrison is going to take a nice 30% chunk of those AUD’s.

Oh, and if you pass that income to yourself, your taxation can be EVEN HIGHER.

So how do you avoid giving all those sweet, sweet, hard earned money to the Australian Taxation Office?

If you spend that money on expenses, like marketing, then you can lower your taxable income, since you are only taxed on profits.

That’s why right now, every smart, profitable business owner is DUMPING all their profits into pre-purchasing as much as they can for next year to lower their 2017 tax bill.

Kerry Packer knew how it worked.

In fact, according to Forbes, more than 70% of US businesses don’t pay Corporate Income tax because they know this!

You can essentially give money to yourself instead of being taxed on it. Well kind of. Actually, what I want you to do, is give it the money to me by pre-puchasing web services, hosting , press releases or SEO.

Don’t settle for mediocre multimedia! Get the best in terms of digital graphic design!

Let’s say you are interested in graphic design. The specialists in graphic design at Evolver are ready to take your company image and branding to the next level, and put their own special touch on the Web and print marketing you use. Evolver, a digital agency and graphic design firm has a proven record of client satisfaction in creating an online presence that truly reflects each company, helping clients and their growing businesses to put their “best face forward” to potential customers. Whether you are an established company, or starting from scratch, the experts working at Evolver will offer to you assistance with strategic business promotional materials, eye-catching corporate ID design and anything else you might need.

Graphic design is not a new concept, but there are few companies who truly know how to make it work. Effective graphic design represents a powerful combination between text and image, being generally based on achieving results from a visual point of view. It is indeed the foundation of successful advertising—a sure way to succeed when competition is stringent. Knowing how to reach your target audience is essential and effective presentation of your company’s goals can mean the difference between a company’s success and failure. At Evolver, the specialists in web design analyze the graphical format with care, as they focus on details such as your targeted segment of the market. In the end, you can understand that the right presentation is everything.

If there are several companies out there presenting the same products/services, how do you know which one is the best? Simple. Look for a company with a portfolio and philosophy that matches your expectations. In addition to the experience of having worked with hundreds of satisfied clients, Evolver will provide you and your company with a well-thought-out image, just as they have for many other companies who have benefited from their services. The presentation generated by the web design experts at Evolver will be effective from a visual point of view, while impressing through design, layout and color at the same time.

Building your brand takes a lot of time and effort. Maintaining the interest of prospective customers might take even longer if you do not choose the right creative agency. With Evolver, you will enjoy a creative presentation for your company and superior solutions for your advertising needs. You can request their services for corporate identity design, logo development or graphic design. They are the best at what they do and it will never be hard for them to put you into a good light. Having such a professional design firm by your side, you will take your business to any level of success that you can imagine. It’s all about transmitting the right message, the right way!

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Cool Graphic Design Magazines to Check Out

Cool Graphics Magazines to Check Out

Client Acquisition Experts and Performance Based Marketing

evolver are Performance based marketing and client acquisition experts

Client Acquisition Experts and Performance Based Marketing

Evolver is a leading performance-based marketing company enabling innovation that connects online marketers to consumers through a thorough set of email marketing and online media services. Our expertise and knowledge lives in online marketing, customer acquisition, e-mail shipment, list building, banner marketing and affiliate marketing. The overarching mission of Evolver is to assist people or business to conduct effective digital marketing campaigns, reaching responsive customers and utilising the power of contextual marketing.

Check out Wealthy Affiliate Warriors’ take on Performance Based Marketing and current Agency hiring practices on YouTube.

Evolver Is a world leader in efficiency based marketing focusing on validated opt-in e-mail marketing and online advertising services. Evolver, established in 2002, has evolved as a leading full service online digital advertising agency. We also power premier online affiliate marketing networks and provides complete list building and interactive marketing. We focus on consumer retention through the provision of performance based results, guaranteeing our clients success in digital channels.

Coregistration leads and co-registration services have been a well concealed secret for too long. They utilise relevant contextual advertising which is in lots of ways can be considered the most recent online advertising technological advance and permits a business to put ads in major sites and portals that bring relevant content for their services or product.

Evolver use only tested formulas to help grow businesses. Harnessing cutting edge technologies, internet based lead generation and marketing options, individualised customer service, and total campaign management consisting of lead magnet creation, content marketing, email marketing or list building in order to assist develop the best internet marketing campaign for you.

Through superior technology and unrivaled client service, we take part in the growth of our customers business and assist them delivering complete satisfaction to their customers. Backed by an unwavering dedication to client success hundreds of business have picked to help construct additional revenue streams, customer self-confidence, long-term trust and loyalty.

Committed and experienced professionals are devoted to the success of clients online marketing projects. Evolver delves into your business to truly understand your needs and goals. They provide numerous scalable online marketing services which will offer your local business the greatest possible bang for buck and Return On Investment (ROI).

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Top 9 Benefits of Press Release Distribution

9 reasons you should distribute a press release today

Top 9 Benefits of Press Release Distribution 

A few years ago, publishing a regular Press Release  with the primary keyword in the headline was a technique used by fortune 500 companies to keep themselves appearing on page 1 of Google search results.  You may recall the time when Google would regularly include a Google News item on the first page of search results. Google would do this on a high percentage of the searches conducted. News of course doesn’t stay news for long, so big companies would publish news releases every month just to keep themselves in the headlines, and on Google first page.

Today, Google includes a news item on page one of results less than 5% of the time. One may think therefore, that the return on investment for PR distribution has become less attractive?  Not so it turns out.

Press releases continue to provide some of the best bang for buck ROI a brand can get from their digital marketing spend compared to before, particularly in today’s social media marketing world a place where clumsy marketers from agencies with serious digital skills gaps are burning big brand’s spend in shotgun strategies with click frenzy enthusiasm.

Lets first run through eight benefits of press release distribution, then I am going to share with you the 9th, and in my opinion the most powerful white hat SEO benefit that will surely seal the deal, and have you wanting to publish a press release yesterday.

1# Massive Viewership and Customer Base

There’s a massive pool of possible clients out there, so make the best of it and make sure to only publish a press release that’s worth reading. Whatever you do, do not turn your press release right into full blown advertising spin. The true audience of a PR is the media and journos. So let them be inspired to write the news, if you try and do that for them, they wont want to pick up and run with your story because someone has already told it.

2# Increased presence and trust building

The more they see and check you out, the more they recognize you.  You see, it’s in the word “recognize” where the magic occurs. Seemingly out of the blue, for both consumers and potential journalists, that recognition becomes empathy for you and your brand. When people understand your brand message and goals, it is more probable you’ll be covered in the media,  so as discussed previously, you really must strive to publish something that is actually newsworthy, otherwise it’s going to make you and your brand suck.

3# Enhanced SEO backlinking tactics

It’s long been understood that big business have used expensive press launches to optimize their off-page SEO backlinking efforts. Any SEO marketing expert will tell you the importance of keyword research as well as anchor backlinks to your website when developing an seo strategy. The web links typically discovered on press launches are not there for aesthetics, nor even necessarily for viewers to click so that they can be rerouted to your website. The real value is the fact that your website is getting linked to by hundreds of big brand, high authority news services who Google trusts implicitly. 

4# Become the Expert

Why it’s called “News”, not “Olds”. Do not forget, if you’re sending press launches for individuals to review concerning you, you have to be something worth reviewing. You have to be an expert at something as well as in fact enlighten and share the info that you’ve become so well-learned regarding. Doing so would raise your viewer’s trust and relationship and also ultimately, if people like as well as concur with what you discuss, they’re more likely to purchase the service or product that you have on offer. In some cases, individuals look for their news with RSS newsreaders as there are lots of internet sites that allow them to sign up for these information feeds based on their interests. As such, making use of press release distribution expands your reach to these target markets, gaining the mindshare of one more consumer base past your present and also currently existing one.

5# Permanent Indexation

Just what are you waiting on? Submit your press release sooner rather than later. It’s time to obtain some serious promotion! Your Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERP) rankings will be improved due to the fact that these news releases will be indexed by top authority news sites and online search engines, suggesting your material will certainly be kept inside Google’s (or other search engine’s) database for simple ease of access. This makes it extremely easy for consumers, reporters, as well as other interested celebrations to discover your material must they look for on Google.

6# Cost-efficient

In short, press release circulation is a reliable means to be located, increase web traffic as well as sales while not overly investing like you would for a massive ad campaign. As well as with numerous brand-new centers and devices offered online, it comes to be a mere cinch to take care of and disperse your messages to your target market. any person can actually do it. In regards to SEO, press release distribution can be considered among the extra economical selections contrasted with paid advertising. Its outcomes are also a lot more measurable and also observable compared to social media sites advertising and marketing. Generally, making use of press release circulation to enhance traffic as well as make the most of SEO initiatives is in fact respectable value for loan.

7# Extend reach of news release via RSS feeds.

Spread your brand virally. The accomplishments and also advancements of your firm are all highlighted in media releases. With the mass submission of your press release, your company’s information will spread out like wildfire. Your consumers as well as investors will certainly not only get the best and most upgraded news concerning your brand, yet at the very same time allows people recognize how successful you are via your achievements. We’re now in the age of Web2.0, whereby everyone is entitled to adding to a piece of the net, everybody gets listened to. Any press release that’s amazing sufficient will be shared, multiple times through different social platforms. The end outcome. a chain effect where your news spread across networks that will certainly drive a lot more on the internet individuals to review as well as share your news tips, hence even more leads and even more sales.

8# Manage and Repair your Online Reputation

Not every person obtains great client testimonials or reviews of their business. In some cases, just one dissatisfied customer can have an adverse effect on your business’ reputation or the SERPs for your internet website  can be completely tainted. Press release distributions could aid you manage your reputation, particularly if you’ve been getting negatively flamed for something you might not have actually done. Maximising distribution of your news release as well as syndicating them for SEO purposes can certainly help you gain back the positive reputation you rightly deserve and suppress any unfavorable reviews to the rear of Google’s search results..

Want any more reasons for publishing and distributing a press release?

Scanning the above list of benefits for publishing a syndicated press release, any self respecting marketing executive would feel pretty happy justifying any allocation of the marketing budget toward a regular PR syndication. And rightly so, the online reputation management benefits alone are significant and go a long way in addressing and supressing negative articles or pages. But prepare to be amazed as you learn the final and most compelling reason you want to publish a press release today

9# Boost the Juice on your Google Local Pack Rankings

You may not be aware, but the single most important factor in getting high rankings on Google’s local pack is by having a higher number of “citations” than your competitors. A citation is when your business name, address and contact details are mentioned on another website or online property. Google is looking for confidence that your business really exists, and frankly they would prefer not to just take your word for it. Google is counting the instances your business name, address and contact details appear elsewhere. Google is looking in particular places for confirmation of this data, and also notice when citations appear in other places they trust.

When your press release is published to Evolver’s syndicated distribution network , it contains a correctly tagged citation for your business that is published to more than 300 trusted news media outlets and Google notices this!  With such confidence in the huge pool of trusted citations, Google catapults your local business to the top of the local pack rankings and will do so, even at times when the business does not have an established Google My Business listing. These type of results are felt within 72 hours, resulting in a surge of phone calls to your business.


Chris, having helped me develop my business immensely, has the ability to expand a businesses exposure. Giving ones ability to reach a far far greater audience and profitability. These press releases are one of the tools he uses. Evolvers press releases are unbelievable
by Liane annastasia on 21, Jun 2017
It was very informative and expressed in a clear and charismatic manner, I liked how you elaborated on \"Actioned\" searches.
by Peter on 21, Jun 2017


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A Digital Agency is What Your Company Needs

Add Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing To Your Advertising Mix

add digital marketing to your advertising mix

Adding Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing To Your Advertising Mix

The importance of internet or digital marketing is continuing to expand exponentially. Surveys of all kinds show a major shift in traditional marketing budgets to dollars being spent online to market all types of products and services.

Internet Marketing Defined.

Internet marketing is the use of online channels to advertise and sell products and services. Within the definition of Internet Marketing you will find mention of pay per click advertising, banner ads, e-mail marketing, search engine marketing (including search engine optimization), blog marketing, and article or content marketing. Each of these subject areas is important to consider prior to planning your internet marketing strategy.

Internet Marketing Provides Many Benefits.

There are many advantages to having a fully executable internet marketing strategy. These benefits include measurable, flexibility, and affordability. Many online marketing tactics provide marketing professionals with the ability to track customer acquisition costs. Moreover, marketing professionals are better able to track what marketing campaigns are working and quickly allocate their spending towards higher producing media placements.

Internet Marketing Tactics.

As the Internet has expanded, so have the opportunities for marketing online. Here we will take a brief look at each type of Internet marketing and explain the benefits of each.

  1. Pay-per-click Advertising. Sites like Google offer pay-per-click advertising for anyone interested in getting their message in front of the right segment or prospective buyer. This method is highly targeted and offers one of the best and most popular forms of internet marketing. Marketers using pay-per-click advertising only pay a fee, based on the competitiveness of a keyword or ad title, when a link is clicked on.
  2. Banner Ads. Once the king of Internet marketing, online banner ads have evolved to include animated and flash banners, but the premise remains largely the same. Marketers purchase a specified number of impressions to run on a single site or network of sites and are generally not guaranteed a specific number of clicks.
  3. Email Marketing. Effective among current clients and prospects who have requested information form your company, email marketing is a well established means to communicate and marketing your products. However, be aware of CAN-SPAM requirements and contact preferences of those you plan to reach.
  4. Search Engine Marketing. If you want web browsers to visit your site, then focusing on search engine optimization and search engine marketing is a must. No Internet marketing plan is complete without ensuring that your site is submitted and included on major directories like Google, Yahoo!, and DMOZ. The dollars spent on Search Engine Marketing of any type will pay huge dividends.
  5. Blog Marketing. Getting mention of your site or information related to your products can quickly scale if you are able to effectively tap into the countless blogs that are being created everyday. It is essential that you focus your efforts on blogs covering topics relevant to your product or service offering.
  6. Content Marketing. One of the most important aspects of Internet Marketing, is to improve the link popularity to your site and improve the awareness of your product or service offering. To do so, many companies are focusing on publishing valuable content  which become “lead magnets” and made available for others to post to their website’s.

Regardless of the Internet marketing tactics you choose, be sure to consider an integrated marketing strategy. Be sure that your internet marketing has a specific goal and is supported with a definitive plan and budget. Lastly, be sure to pick up a book, conduct some research, or work with digital marketing professionals like Evolver to enhance your Internet marketing know-how.

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SEO Case Study: Canberra Local Business Provided Awesome Insights by Google

local seo case study canberra

If you are a local business owner, you may have noticed some additional information being provided by Google in your Google My Business location listing recently. For some time now, Canberra businesses (with or without a website) have had access to a Google Local Business listing. Businesses with multiple locations require multiple locations to be registered with Google My Business. Once verified, your local business listing provides valuable data in the form of “Insights” for that particular business location. 

Canberra SEO Local Business Client Dominates Niche Rankings

Google provides the business owner with details on the breakdown of how users search for the business by providing number of searches by business name or address compared to the searches for a product or service category. Here is the breakdown for a local business client who owns a suburban hair and beauty salon. The salon competes for keywords + the town centre location. The salon is a few suburbs away from the town centre shopping mall where many hair and beauty salons have a bricks and mortar presence and listings verified with Google. Two thirds of searches they rank for are for product and service category terms.

Local SEO Canberra - Client case study

Local SEO Canberra Client: 66% of traffic for unbranded service terms

Google provides local business analytics for each location. The Insights section of the My Business dashboard proivides a snapshot of the number of times the business listing appeared in search results,  how many views the business’ listing received, and how many ‘actions’ were performed. Actions include the number of users who requested directions on how to get to the business, how many users clicked through to view the website, and how many users called the business when searching on a mobile phone.

Local SEO Canberra Client Case Study 02

Google reports actions by users in the last 30 days

Google confirms the days and times the local business received calls initiated from the Google search results. Our client confirms that Google is “on the money” with their data.

Google provides details on days and times the local  business is phoned.

Google provides details on days and times the local business is phoned.


If your local Canberra business is busy enough to attract Google’s attention, Google will also provide the business owner with details of the business’ busiest time, and even the average time a person spends in the business location. Wow, it seems Google is not only listening and watching, but they even have the stop watch on us too!

My Business report showing the average time a customer spends on the business premises.

Google has the stop watch on us too!