Add Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing To Your Advertising Mix

add digital marketing to your advertising mix

Adding Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing To Your Advertising Mix

The importance of internet or digital marketing is continuing to expand exponentially. Surveys of all kinds show a major shift in traditional marketing budgets to dollars being spent online to market all types of products and services.

Internet Marketing Defined.

Internet marketing is the use of online channels to advertise and sell products and services. Within the definition of Internet Marketing you will find mention of pay per click advertising, banner ads, e-mail marketing, search engine marketing (including search engine optimization), blog marketing, and article or content marketing. Each of these subject areas is important to consider prior to planning your internet marketing strategy.

Internet Marketing Provides Many Benefits.

There are many advantages to having a fully executable internet marketing strategy. These benefits include measurable, flexibility, and affordability. Many online marketing tactics provide marketing professionals with the ability to track customer acquisition costs. Moreover, marketing professionals are better able to track what marketing campaigns are working and quickly allocate their spending towards higher producing media placements.

Internet Marketing Tactics.

As the Internet has expanded, so have the opportunities for marketing online. Here we will take a brief look at each type of Internet marketing and explain the benefits of each.

  1. Pay-per-click Advertising. Sites like Google offer pay-per-click advertising for anyone interested in getting their message in front of the right segment or prospective buyer. This method is highly targeted and offers one of the best and most popular forms of internet marketing. Marketers using pay-per-click advertising only pay a fee, based on the competitiveness of a keyword or ad title, when a link is clicked on.
  2. Banner Ads. Once the king of Internet marketing, online banner ads have evolved to include animated and flash banners, but the premise remains largely the same. Marketers purchase a specified number of impressions to run on a single site or network of sites and are generally not guaranteed a specific number of clicks.
  3. Email Marketing. Effective among current clients and prospects who have requested information form your company, email marketing is a well established means to communicate and marketing your products. However, be aware of CAN-SPAM requirements and contact preferences of those you plan to reach.
  4. Search Engine Marketing. If you want web browsers to visit your site, then focusing on search engine optimization and search engine marketing is a must. No Internet marketing plan is complete without ensuring that your site is submitted and included on major directories like Google, Yahoo!, and DMOZ. The dollars spent on Search Engine Marketing of any type will pay huge dividends.
  5. Blog Marketing. Getting mention of your site or information related to your products can quickly scale if you are able to effectively tap into the countless blogs that are being created everyday. It is essential that you focus your efforts on blogs covering topics relevant to your product or service offering.
  6. Content Marketing. One of the most important aspects of Internet Marketing, is to improve the link popularity to your site and improve the awareness of your product or service offering. To do so, many companies are focusing on publishing valuable content  which become “lead magnets” and made available for others to post to their website’s.

Regardless of the Internet marketing tactics you choose, be sure to consider an integrated marketing strategy. Be sure that your internet marketing has a specific goal and is supported with a definitive plan and budget. Lastly, be sure to pick up a book, conduct some research, or work with digital marketing professionals like Evolver to enhance your Internet marketing know-how.

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SEO Case Study: Canberra Local Business Provided Awesome Insights by Google

local seo case study canberra

If you are a local business owner, you may have noticed some additional information being provided by Google in your Google My Business location listing recently. For some time now, Canberra businesses (with or without a website) have had access to a Google Local Business listing. Businesses with multiple locations require multiple locations to be registered with Google My Business. Once verified, your local business listing provides valuable data in the form of “Insights” for that particular business location. 

Canberra SEO Local Business Client Dominates Niche Rankings

Google provides the business owner with details on the breakdown of how users search for the business by providing number of searches by business name or address compared to the searches for a product or service category. Here is the breakdown for a local business client who owns a suburban hair and beauty salon. The salon competes for keywords + the town centre location. The salon is a few suburbs away from the town centre shopping mall where many hair and beauty salons have a bricks and mortar presence and listings verified with Google. Two thirds of searches they rank for are for product and service category terms.

Local SEO Canberra - Client case study

Local SEO Canberra Client: 66% of traffic for unbranded service terms

Google provides local business analytics for each location. The Insights section of the My Business dashboard proivides a snapshot of the number of times the business listing appeared in search results,  how many views the business’ listing received, and how many ‘actions’ were performed. Actions include the number of users who requested directions on how to get to the business, how many users clicked through to view the website, and how many users called the business when searching on a mobile phone.

Local SEO Canberra Client Case Study 02

Google reports actions by users in the last 30 days

Google confirms the days and times the local business received calls initiated from the Google search results. Our client confirms that Google is “on the money” with their data.

Google provides details on days and times the local  business is phoned.

Google provides details on days and times the local business is phoned.


If your local Canberra business is busy enough to attract Google’s attention, Google will also provide the business owner with details of the business’ busiest time, and even the average time a person spends in the business location. Wow, it seems Google is not only listening and watching, but they even have the stop watch on us too!

My Business report showing the average time a customer spends on the business premises.

Google has the stop watch on us too!